Dr. Bruce McAlister Flemming

Dr. Bruce McAlister Flemming

14 maart 1979 - 29 april 2020

"I don't want to be a burden.." - Dr. Bruce McAlister Flemming

Job 1:21 “Naked ”
We hereby announce the sudden passing of our beloved son, brother, uncle and nephew

Dr. Bruce Mc Alister Flemmimg
Born, March 14, 1979 on St. Maarten - Died April 29, 2020
Leiden, The Netherlands

He was predeceased by his dearly beloved grandmother - Therese M. Guy

He leaves to mourn his beloved mother: Prophetess Silvina Matthews, of BOLD Ministries

His father : Pastor Esmond Flemming, of Global Mission

His adopted grandparents: Mrs. Judith and Vanico Richardson

His special and most loved sister: Shoulaika Maduro

And sister: Tebron Flemming

His Brothers: Esmond Roger Flemming, Sherdwin Maduro, Tayib Flemming and Esmond Flemming Jr.

Brother –in-law: Herbert Jn. Charles

Aunts: Mavis Jeffers-Matthews, Emerlene Brands-Matthews, Casilda Matthews, Cristinita Samuel-Guy,Sandra Mercelina, Thelma Mentha, Cynthia Flemming and many others too numerous to mention.

Uncles: Minister of E.C.Y.S Drs. Rodolphe Samuel, Samuel John Jeffers, George Mentha, Johan Mercelina, Ishmael Richardson

All donations, sympathy cards, and well wishes may be sent to:

Mrs. Silvina Matthews

Guanabay Road #1a, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
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Dear family of Bruce,

Bruce was a wonderfull person with a big smile and the kind of joy that will always stick with a person.

I'll never forget the many conversations and meetings we had on the job. Bruce, me and other colleagues also shared a common passion for delicious food. Time would fly when we talked about it.

The world lost a truly genuine person and i lost a good friend.

I'm sorry for your loss...

Rest in peace Bruce. 
Op 22 juli 2020
om 15:02 getekend door:
C.a.r.l.o.s. .L.o.p.e.s.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Bruce,

Bedankt voor jouw warmte en vertrouwen. Rust zacht.

Familie van Bruce,

Nogmaals gecondoleerd met dit vreselijke verlies. 
Op 20 juli 2020
om 10:43 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear family... Dear Bruce...

I miss you so much Bruce.. I miss our Monday nights of spending time together playing games.. I miss our conversations about culture and food.. I miss your big smile..

You always managed to light up a room with your smile and your positive attitude.

To your family, my deepest condolences.. My thoughts and prayers are with you..

Bruce, may we meet again some day..

All our love,

Barbara, Tico & Selina 
Op 18 juli 2020
om 21:55 getekend door:
B.a.r.b.a.r.a. .H.u.l.s.c.h.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Dear family,

Gecondoleerd met het verlies van Bruce!

Bruce heb ik leren kennen als een zeer lief en hartelijk persoon.

Ik wil jullie heel veel sterkte toewensen met dit verlies.

Rest in peace dear Bruce! 
Op 17 juli 2020
om 10:42 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Bruce,

Ik heb jou leren kennen als een heel lief en warm persoon. Zo zal ik jou ook altijd blijven herinneren. Rust zacht, lieve Bruce.

Veel sterkte gewenst aan de familie. 
Op 16 juli 2020
om 21:34 getekend door:
S.a.l.i.n.a. .M.
Dit is niet ok
Dear relatives,

I want to share my sincere condolences to all of you for the loss of your precious son, brother, cousin, friend, colleage Bruce.

For all of us, his sudden past was a huge shock, but above all a very big loss. In the short time that we got to know each other, a strong bond has developed, which was entirely based on mutual trust and respect. For example, we knew each other well when one of us was not feeling well or was bothered by something. Our conversations were mostly about what we had gone through life, where we were standing now in life and what we could do better to improve ourself as a person.

Afterwards, I heard from colleagues that he was super enthusiastic after my job interview before I came to work at CBR, fortunately I have been able to live up to that. My mother always sad to me make Bruce proud when you at work. Yes, even my mother who never saw of spoke to him knew that he was a good person of the way I spoke over him when call her or go went for a visit.

He always spoke positively and sad always everything will come good in life, he said this even during our last conversation. But unfortunately that did not apply for him. He was very pleased that he had got his own house after a stressful period and wanted to go on holiday after he finished with his house. Partly due to the Corona, he unfortunately was also never able to realize this and that hurts, because he really deserved it. Bruce was always open and sincere, I'm glad I had let him on several occasions know he was one of the nicest colleagues I had ever worked with. He always said that I looked like his little brother (which lives in Holland) in terms of doings. I never met him, but always thought it was funny to hear.
But I noticed how he spoke about him and also his familly, Bruce was a warm-hearted person, I also noticed this how he treated me. But I treated him the treated him same way. For example, I brought for him Johnny Cake (a typical Sint-Maarten/Saba snack) to work because he had eaten this a longtime ago and could not prepared it himself. The planning was
that he would come at my home for diner so he could try and experience Surinamese and Antillean food. These were some nice anecdotes of our bond which we had. It was strong because I was always sitting next to you at the office, but now this/our workplace is empty...

Words lack what he meant and still continues to mean to me as a person. A void that can no longer be filled, but I fill it with the fine thoughts I have left. I often miss you and think about you were now had could be in life...

I am really sorry you never got to know my daughter, you always liked how I talked about her and the way I do my best for her to be the best father to her. We always think we have time left? She recently turned 5, wish you were here to see that. But I strongly believe you look with a smile form heaven down up on us, guarding us.

Life is not fair, I guess God called because he needed his angles which walk on earth to be with him... So hopefully I will see you again at the crossroad? Say Haii and give a hugg to my aunt Beatrix Levenstone? Miss you both dearly?

Gwendomar Deel 
Op 16 juli 2020
om 15:30 getekend door:
G.w.e.n.d.o.m.a.r. .D.e.e.l.
Dit is niet ok
You have made an impact

The one who made us all
The source and the giver of all life
Asked us to make an impact
You, Bruce, have made an impact.

I'm standing here on the soil of the earth
Watching your gigantic footprint
And it tells me a tale, a story
Of impact
You have made an impact

I am not looking at the clay
Nor at the mud
The dirt or the dust

I am looking at the stories
Of those that met you
Stories of your care
Stories of your compassion
Stories of your love

These are stories of impact
You have made an impact

And I thank you
For leaving your footprint here
I will not forget you
You and the impact
You have made on me 
Op 16 juli 2020
om 8:53 getekend door:
A.k.a.n.k.e. .V.r.e.u.g.d.
Dit is niet ok
Bruce has been a great friend and I shall very much miss his warmth and kindness. May he rest in peace.

My condolences to the loved ones he left behind. 
Op 16 juli 2020
om 0:13 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Bruce, lieve Brucie...
It is almost 2.5 months since we know that you are gone,.. gone so far away, but it feels like you are still among us.
I know you from March 2019. It is not a long time but is was enough to see and understand that you were (no-no-no you ARE) very nice and kind man/person. Positive attitude, smiling, enjoying life as it is and dreaming about nice future.
We talked about everything and nothing: life in the Netherland, America, and Russia. Difference in culture, habits, expectations, and commonality in care for family.
In the train, on the way home or in the office, you were always worried about your family and especially about your mother.
You thought to become more sportive, more active. Recently you bought a bike and we thought that we could cycle from Leiden to Rijswijk and back together. I think that these could be genuinely nice trips with interesting discussions and enjoyment in Dutch nature around us. Unfortunately, it cannot be realised anymore? it is a pity.
You had a wish to live in your own house. You almost realised it! Just a couple of days and you could move in in your own house. You were a little nervous about is: will it go smooth enough? Would it not be (last minute) cancelled? Many questions and unfortunately no answers any more.
Dear Bruce, I talked to you even 28th of April 2020. It was just a ?work? call with discussions about coming changes around our team. We talked almost one hour long, and everything was just good (OK) at that moment. I am happy I could talk to you that afternoon. So, I will remember you!
Bruce, you are still between us: in our hearts, in our thoughts? only, unfortunately, no more physically present. Gone to soon, gone to far and absolutely unexpected.
Rest in Peace and fly with the angels?
Marina A, colleague 
Op 15 juli 2020
om 22:47 getekend door:
M.a.r.i.n.a. .A.l.e.k.s.i.n.s.k.a.y.a.
Dit is niet ok
My dear friend, I miss you intensely.
Not a day has gone by without thinking of you. Still feels strange to walk past your desk, to not hear your catchy laughter, or see that bright Caribbean smile. Sadness fills my heart to this day, but every single memory of you brings soothing solace: both of us working until late into the night after everyone had gone home and sharing a pizza, your rave reviews of my recommended WarungMini & Roopram, going for KFC & movies together, our deep spiritual confiding conversations while driving to Leiden.
I will allways cherish the long chilly cool august night after we watched "Good Boys" at Pathe, talking about our lives at the Kurhaus seaside terrace, after the art-exhibition, watching the sun set and the evening arrive, sharing drinks until way past midnight.
Since the very first time we met september 2018, I knew you were a special human being: kind, gentle, sincere, caring, joyous, generous, honest, loyal and full of love.
Reading the meaningful testimonies here of others whose paths crossed yours reaffirms this. Your familiy will remain together but we as your friends will slowly move on to diffrent parts of the world, still we will allways carry your memories with us.
You had not enjoyed life fully yet, but life enjoyed you, making use of your beautiul qualities to bring happiness to all of us.
And even though life was not allways fair towards you, and some people treated you bad, your Faith healed you as you accepted and overcame ordeals and truly achieved Peace, and I deeply respected you for that.
At work I admired your intelligence, diligence and high work ethics, observing your warmth, enthusiasm, patience and genuine friendliness with everyone, regardless of their function. I humbly admit, I envied your ease in making friends, your ability for opening up to others, uncomplicated, unpretentious, unassuming.
I never thought I would give the eulogy at your funeral, it made me cry.., still does writing this thinking of how hard you worked all your life to achieve excellence.
So here we are Dr. Flemming,
it was a privilege to have known you, to have witnessed and experienced you, I will not forget you Bruce,
rest in Peace among the Angels in Heaven, Edwin. 
Op 15 juli 2020
om 3:00 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Dear Family ,

Words cannot express my grief.
Bruce will be missed.
I remember Bruce as a very loving sweet and hardworking man. There was no such thing as negativity with him. I miss the hugs and the 'whats up ? and the how was your weekend ? The dynamic at work has not been the same for me ever since he left us. Its'a huge loss.

I pray God will strengthen every one of you reading this.
Mrs. Silvina. Bruce was all about family. Almost every week he would mention you , his mother. He loved you dearly.

Bruce may you rest in the hands of the Almight God. Untill we meet again. 
Op 14 juli 2020
om 15:45 getekend door:
O.l.i.v.e. .M.a.y.m.p.u.t.u.
Dit is niet ok
Ah my friend, what can I say? Life is now darker because you're not here. At times as I sit and see things, read things and recall things that are fun; I remember a friend that is no more with us. Missing you already my friend. May you be at peace. 
Op 9 juli 2020
om 8:07 getekend door:
A.l.d.o. .R... .M.e.d.a.
Dit is niet ok
"Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories." 
Op 6 juli 2020
om 15:51 getekend door:
P.a.t.r.i.c.i.a. .W.a.l.l.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Dear family,
Bruce was such an amazing man, so kind and sweet and brave to develop himself. He was the best hugger and the best dancer with the brightest smile. It is truly unfair that he had to leave this world so early.
My deepest condoleances.
Love, Anne 
Op 6 juli 2020
om 9:26 getekend door:
Dit is niet ok
Het volgende komt in mij op als ik aan Bruce denk

Dag Bruce

Wapperende handen om het onverwachte te zeggen

Een brede smile. verbindingsofficier ten top

Lief mens, te lief voor woorden

Bouwend aan de peilers van zijn leven

Qua werk geland en geworteld

Nu nog het huis in te lijven

En dan is het stil?.

Wat zul je gemist worden 
Op 25 juni 2020
om 15:40 getekend door:
M.o.n.i.q.u.e. .M.e.u.s.s.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Rest in peace Bruce, may your soul reach the beautifull heaven. You were a very special and sweet person. you will be in my heart forever, drumi dushi den brasa di Senor. sleep in the arms of the almighty. 
Op 25 juni 2020
om 9:18 getekend door:
J.e.a.n.n.e.t.h.a.l. .L.i.b.i.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Dear family of Bruce,

my deepest condolences with Bruce's passing. I was shocked to hear the news. I didn't know Bruce very well, but have talked to him several times at the coffee machine at work. He was a very nice and sweet coworker. I will surely miss him. Rest in peace, Bruce. 
Op 25 juni 2020
om 8:30 getekend door:
G.r.a.c.e. .S.m.i.t.h.
Dit is niet ok
There are sweet persons, but also exceptionally sweet persons. Bruce was one of them! He was always interested in others, whether young or old. And one could feel this interest was genuine.
We would like to express our sincere condolences to Bruce?s family and friends. He will always keep a special place in our hearts. 
Op 23 juni 2020
om 10:55 getekend door:
J.a.n. .e.n. .E.r.n.a. .P.l.a.i.z.i.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Ik herinner mij Bruce als een grote lieverd. Een zeer zachtaardig persoon met een groot hart. Ik werd altijd blij als ik Bruce zag, dan gaf ik hem een knuffel, dat voelde logisch. Hij straalde zo'n bescheidenheid en zachtmoedigheid uit, ik voelde me op mijn gemak bij hem. Onvoorstelbaar dat hij er niet meer is. Lieve Bruce, prachtige man, rust zacht. 
Op 19 juni 2020
om 21:30 getekend door:
K.i.k.a. .T.r.e.e.p.
Dit is niet ok
I first met Bruce in 2011, the Walaeus library of the LUMC, and we got to talking, and I mentioned that I didn't have a room in Leiden and that the 2-hour commute from my parents' home was taking its toll on me. "Oh," he said, "there's a room coming free in my house in the Wassenaarseweg, do you want to live there?" And so I came to live on the Verlengde Wassenaarseweg 4a, together with Bruce and two other housemates; and my commute disappeared, and I had time and energy again, and my studies improved, and I owe all this to Bruce.

Bruce was good company, too. He studied a lot, and we drank tea in the living room, or he'd be cooking something delicious in the kitchen (I say kitchen, really it was an annex to the living room, so narrow that you had to turn sideways to step past each other). He was perhaps the only person in Leiden with whom I could naturally mix English and Dutch. "Hey buddy, hoe is het" he'd say when he saw me, and then I'd ask if he wanted tea, or we'd talk about our day, or I'd share his dinner or he'd share mine, or he'd excuse himself because his books were calling, or we'd share a hug because he'd had a so-so day, or I had had a so-so day, or sometimes I'd simply hug him because I was happy to see my friend.

Bruce had this amazing capacity to accept the love and friendship you gave him, his open heart generously blessed those around him; but it also received your love and friendship so generously that the giver would feel doubly blessed.

Bruce also introduced me to Collegium Musicum; this was in 2011, the year of CM's 75-year anniversary, and the year CM performed Benjamin Britten's War Requiem. I sat with the tenors; he sat among the basses, several benches back, next to his alto friends. Sometimes he'd be late, because his studies lasted longer that day; or he'd have to leave during the rehearsal's break, because he had to do more work or because he wanted to go to bed on time; and sometimes he'd give in to my cajoling and come to Scheltema after rehearsal, where he'd have a cassis soda and hang out with everybody (including Martin, the bartender, who loved jazz and loved us all); and if I left at the same time as he did we'd cycle home together.

"You're really remarkable," he said one summer night when we cycled home together, after a rehearsal or perhaps after a concert, when we were talking about how much we enjoyed being friends. And that may not sound like much, to see it written down; but it means so much when somebody says it to you. I can still hear his voice, with his Saint Maarten accent, saying it as we biked home in the night over the Bio Science Park. The memory has never left me; it has cheered me and sustained me through all the years.

It takes a lot of love, for people to even feel it in your absence. Bruce had that much love, and he saw the specialness in every person.

Thank you, Bruce, for everything. 
Op 18 juni 2020
om 3:55 getekend door:
S.i.e.t.s.e. .B.r.o.u.w.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
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