Sally Cikido-Frimpong

Sally Cikido-Frimpong

2 oktober 1947 - 27 mei 2020

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

A life so beautifully lived, the ability to heal hearts and many lives touched by love deserves to be beautifully remembered. Please join us to mourn the transition into glory and Legacy of Love by
Nomonde Sally Cikido Frimpong
In Loving Memory of our beloved Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, spiritual leader and Deaconess

After living 72 years of fulfilled life, she has experienced many blessing and health challenges at the later years, the Lord has called Mama (Sally) home.
We are thankful of the love she shared with us and the world.

Max & Urnice
Spiritual Children

Mama Sally, this is the story I will remember you By:
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Heel veel sterkte Max in deze moeilijke tijden. Je moeder was een ongelooflijk lieve buurvrouw. 
Op 9 juni 2020
om 20:47 getekend door:
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When I heard Mama sally had called for glory, I had a moment in my car just thanking her, appreciating her and blessing her.
Because it was her words of encouragement that made me a strong mother and a wife
She taught me how to stand in front of people and share the word of God
Mama sally was filled with the holy spirt and therefore says prayer is the answer.
I can proudly say I?m one of her spiritual children
Mama Thank You
Mama God bless
Mama may your soul rest in perfect Peace

Max my thoughts and prayers are for you and your family. 
Op 5 juni 2020
om 15:56 getekend door:
P.r.i.s.c.i.l.l.a. .N.t.i.
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Lieve Familie Cikido,

Heel veel sterkte met het heengaan van jullie moeder,schoonmoeder en grootmoeder.
De Here is jullie kracht en sterkte.
Veel liefst: Fam. jiwanpersad. 
Op 5 juni 2020
om 12:17 getekend door:
F.a.m... .J.i.w.a.n.p.e.r.s.a.d.
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Max Urnice en kids,

Gecondoleer en heel veel sterkte toegewenst.

Mom, mijn omatje die hield van dansen.

Rust in vrede in de armen van de Heer.
Nu zijn jij en papaopa weer samen ? 
Op 5 juni 2020
om 12:10 getekend door:
J.e.n.n.i.f.e.r. .J.o.n.e.s.-.B.o.a.t.e.n.g.
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Mijn broeder Max,

Er zijn geen woorden die jullie verlies gedragenheid kan geven.
Veel sterkte en liefde voor jullie allemaal. I love you my brother.

Mama is home... ?? 
Op 4 juni 2020
om 22:46 getekend door:
H.u.b.e.r.t. .J.a.n.s.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Today marks the final chapter of a beautiful but sad love story!My beautiful Sister-in-law Sally, will be laid to rest alongside her beloved husband, my super fabulous big brother George to rest in eternity amidst the heavenly hosts.The Lord in his infinite wisdom called my brother home 3 months prior, because he knew Bro George would not be able to handle the passing of his sweetheart.During my last conversation with bro George on Sunday March 23rd, we spoke for two hours.My brother expressed his extreme sadness about the emmenent passing of his dear wife.
George and Sally were the epitome of true selfless love.The lived their lifes for each other, and most importantly for their heavenly father. My beautiful Sis in law was very sweet and genuine.She was full of life. I can almost hear her resounding laughter. She was the classic comedian and always had some funny joke or story to tell.Bro George and Sally were a very generous couple.George used to pick me up from the airport when I was enroute to Ghana and I would go to their home where a feast befitting a princess awaited me.Sally was very gracious and always ready with compliments.Like myself, she was a real fashionista.I remember on one occasion she loved the outfit I was wearing so much that she sewed one for herself right there, before bro George took me back to the airport.She knew I loved Dutch cheese and would have a humongous piece for me to take back to Canada.
It is extremely heartbreaking that my gorgeous sister- in - law Sally and my handsome big brother George are no longer with us.We find consolation in the knowledge that they loved the Lord! Heaven's super couple are united eternally
amidst the angelic host. May they rest peacefully in the bosom of their heavenly father. It is well! 
Op 4 juni 2020
om 19:46 getekend door:
V.i.d.a. .O.w.u.s.u.
Dit is niet ok
veel sterkte Max voor jullie allemaal. Ik denk aan jullie

liefs stefan vermeeren 
Op 3 juni 2020
om 18:18 getekend door:
S.t.e.f.a.n. .V.e.r.m.e.e.r.e.n.
Dit is niet ok
Gods eternal nature is contrasted with mans frailty.Our time on earth is limited and we are to use it wisely. Not living for a moment,but with our eternal home in mind. Lord,through all generations you have been our home!Before the mountains were created, before the earth was formed,you are God without beginning or end. You speak and man turns back to dust.A thousand years are but as yesterday to you!They are like a single hour!We glide along the tides of time as Swift as a racing river, and vanish as quickly as a dream.We are like grass that is green in the morning but moved down and withered before the evening shadows fall. May the soul of our Mother Sally rest in Peace. ( Bro. Max, sister Unice & Kids, Condoleances, and be strengthen in the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus Amen! 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 21:02 getekend door:
F.a.m.i.l.l.y. .G.y.a.s.i.
Dit is niet ok
A woman of stature is what she is. Not was, but is
She is oh so classy and smart, yet sassy and full of love she is. Not was, but is
A phenomenal being, almost surreal she is. Not was, but is
Carrying a force of courage like a warrior and the presence to warm up any room. She is. Not was, but is
A hard worker she is, yet the bringer of joy and happiness. Always sparing a moment to joke. A comedian, some might say. Not was, but is
A God-fearing woman, with an unwavered cloud of faith she is. Not was, but is
Oh, but what an unforgettable soul you are. Therefore, not was, but is 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 19:34 getekend door:
A.u.t.h.o.r. .K.y.m. .M.a.x. .s.i.s.t.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Max, Urnice en kinderen

Gecondoleerd met het verlies van mama Sally. Ze heeft altijd een speciaal plekje in mijn hart. Wat een mooie lieve vrouw! Nu danst zij verder in de hemel.

Heel veel sterkte en kracht toegewenst. 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 16:51 getekend door:
S.u.z.a.n.n.e. .A.k.k.e.r.h.u.i.s.
Dit is niet ok
was very thrilled to learn mama sally would visit us in North Carolina

mama sally was very special to our family indeed

one morning the school bus was missed. Mama sally jumped in pastor Seth?s green Toyota and unknowingly ran a red light to ensure that pastor Seth?s son could attend class on time

mama sally will be remembered forever, rip 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 15:06 getekend door:
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Romeinen 8:38-39
Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat dood noch leven, engelen noch machten noch krachten, heden noch toekomst, hoogte noch diepte, of wat er ook maar in de schepping is, ons zal kunnen scheiden van de liefde van God, die hij ons gegeven heeft in Christus Jezus, onze Heer.

Gecondoleerd broeder Max,heel veel sterkte voor jou en je gezin. 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 12:16 getekend door:
B.e.n.i.t.o. .B.e.l.f.o.r.
Dit is niet ok
Max en familie, gecondoleerd met dit verlies. Heel veel sterkte en kracht toegewenst. 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 8:33 getekend door:
A.s.t.r.i.d. .M.u.s.a.t.-.B.o.s.
Dit is niet ok
Lieve Max,Urnice en kids,

Van harte gecondoleerd.
Wat fijn om te weten dat je moeder nu een heel bijzonder Pinksterfeest viert, volmaakt.
Ik wens jullie veel sterkte toe.
Ook 5 juni als ze begraven gaat worden.
Fijn dat jullie zulke mooie herinneringen hebben.
Veel liefs,
Op 1 juni 2020
om 8:16 getekend door:
C.o.r.r.i.e. .V.a.l.k.e.n.b.u.r.g.
Dit is niet ok
Gecondoleerd Max en familie met het verlies van je moeder. Veel te jong door de Heer bij hem geroepen. Hou Vooral de mooie herinneringen aan je moeder vast! 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 8:14 getekend door:
r.o.n.a.l.d. .d.e. .v.e.t.t.e.
Dit is niet ok
Gecondoleerd met jullie grote verlies. Weet jullie gedragen door God. Ik bid jullie Gods kracht en nabijheid toe. Be blessed!!! 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 7:58 getekend door:
S.e.l.m.a. .A.c.u.n.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Gecoondoleerd met dit grote verlies. Weet jullie gedragen door God. Hii is jullie nabijheid, dwars door alles heen. Heel veel sterkte, moed en kracht toegewenst. Blessings?? Selma Acuner 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 7:52 getekend door:
S.e.l.m.a. .A.c.u.n.e.r.
Dit is niet ok
Wat een vruchtbaar mens was dit.
Gecondoleerd Max, Urnice, kinderen 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 7:47 getekend door:
A.l.e.x. .R.u.i.j.g.
Dit is niet ok
God draagt jullie. Wees sterk en bemoedigt. 
Op 1 juni 2020
om 0:50 getekend door:
S.a.n.d.r.a. .F.e.u.r.i.c.h.
Dit is niet ok
This is how we will remember you:

There is a Treasure God put on this Earth
Who has stature, who is classy, who is smart,
Who is unforgettable, who is phenomenon,
Who is hardworking, who is courageous,
Who is zealous for God, who is just sassy.
Who care for us and guide us,
Who lightens up her surroundings with jokes,
Who has the ability to heal hearts
And touched many lives by love.
You can feel her love and gentleness,
As she walk through life beside us,
Who whisper in our ears,
Who hold us in her heart when we are filled with fear.
Who is always there to give a hug
And try to make us smile,
Who treats us with respect and love,
Who treats everyone as her child.
God blessed us with a Treasure,
I am proud to call my own.
She is been with me throughout my life,
Who has sacrificed and been with me as I have grown.
Who has guided me the best she can,
Who has taught me with patience like no other with,
And I am thankful I am the lucky one
Who gets to call her...
Mother, Sister, Aunty and Spiritual Children
Mama Sally Cikido-Frimpong

(2 October 1947 - 27 May 2020) 
Op 30 mei 2020
om 1:12 getekend door:
F.a.m.i.l.y. .C.i.k.i.d.o. .(.M.o.t.h.e.r.,. .S.i.s.t.e.r.s.,. .A.u.n.t.y. .a.n.d. .S.p.i.r.i.t.u.a.l. .C.h.i.l.d.r.e.n.).
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